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Cyborg Zebesian

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Cyborg Zebesian
Samus attacking a Cyborg Zebesian

Samus attacking a Cyborg Zebesian


Metroid: Other M


Bottle Ship


Cybernetic enhancements


Laser Cannon


Lethal Strike

Cyborg Zebesians are cybernetically enhanced Zebesians created by the Galactic Federation. On the Bottle Ship, they were created to form an elite force based on the Space Pirates. Although the location of the modification varies with the individual, all have metal attachments that apparently enhance their abilities. As Samus never encounters normal Zebesians in the game, there is no basis to determine the extent of their enhancement. Their claws can be frozen using the Ice Beam. An even more advanced version of the Cyborg Zebesians was created, called the Super Zebesian.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

A Cyborg Zebesian getting kicked by Samus
  • A Cyborg Zebesian appeared in Metroid: Other M promotional art, featuring Samus kicking it away.
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