Alpha Blogg

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Alpha Blogg
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Alpha Blogg


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

  • Ramming
  • Sonic Bursts
Vulnerable Area(s)

Mouth (only when charging)


Torvus Bog


Main Hydrochamber



The Alpha Blogg is a boss from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is the largest and strongest Blogg of its pack.


Samus first notices the Alpha Blogg while descending the Hydrodynamo Shaft on her way to the Hydrochamber Storage to attain the Gravity Boost. Shortly after Samus collects the upgrade, the Alpha Blogg will be freed and attack Samus in the Main Hydrochamber. It attacks with sonic bursts and ramming. Like other Bloggs, its open mouth is its weakness, but it is far more resilient. After Samus defeats it, she may escape with the Gravity Boost.[1]

The battle takes place in the circular environs of the Main Hydrochamber. The Alpha Blogg attacks with sonic bursts, usually three at a time. It will then charge at Samus, giving her a change to attack with Missiles, the Dark Beam, or Super Missiles. The easiest way to dodge either attack is to sidestep, although dodging its charge attack may not give Samus an opening in which to attack. Samus can get the Alpha Blogg's attention at any point by firing a Missile or Charge Beam shot at it.

After the battle is over, several platforms become accessible in the room, allowing Samus to exit the room.


Logbook Entry

Scan Data



  • The Alpha Blogg is one of the few bosses in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes that is not possessed by the Ing.
  • The Alpha Blogg is one of two bosses in Echoes that can be scanned before the battle's start. It shares this distinction with the Spider Guardian.


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  2. "Morphology: Alpha Blogg
    Immense Blogg pack leader. Enormous water dweller will fire sonic distruption blasts at foes. It has all strengths and weaknesses of its bretheren.
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギガブログ  Giga Blogg  
French Hydrosaure Alpha  Alpha Hydrosaur (mix of "hydro" and "dinosaur")  
German Alpha-Blogg  Alpha Blogg  
Italian Blogg Alfa  Alpha Blogg  

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