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Artwork of an Ingsmasher

Artwork of an Ingsmasher


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes






Sanctuary Fortress

Threat Capacity


  • Shock waves
  • Missiles
  • Melee attacks

Ingsmashers are powerful Luminoth mechanoids built to fight the Ing in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Ingsmashers appear only in two rooms: the Hall of Combat Mastery and Reactor Access, both in Sanctuary Fortress.


Their primary mode of attack is creating shock waves by slamming their arms into the ground,[1] and by alternating between arms, they can generate shock waves in rapid succession. A larger shock wave can be generated when the Ingsmasher slams both arm into the ground simultaneously. When a target is out of reach they utilize missile launchers that fire several homing projectiles.[1] At close range, the Ingsmashers will use standard melee attacks. These properties make Ingsmashers priority targets for possession.[2]

Defensively, Ingsmashers are capable of raising shields of light or dark energy that make these already resilient Mechanoids even more difficult to take down, though they can be overloaded by a beam of the opposite polarity.[1] While they are capable of taking numerous hits before succumbing to the damage, Samus is capable of destroying an Ingsmasher instantly with a Power Bomb, even with their shields activated.


Logbook Entry

Scan Data


Area Room Number in Room
Sanctuary Fortress Hall of Combat Mastery
Sanctuary Fortress Reactor Access


  • Ingsmashers share several similarities with Elite Pirates. Both are armed with shoulder-mounted concussive weapons that can be destroyed, both are capable of generating shock waves, though the Ingsmasher can generate them at a much higher speed. Ingsmashers and Elite Pirates are also capable of rendering themselves invulnerable to attack, though the Ingsmashers shields can be overloaded, while the Elite Pirate will only deactivate their energy siphon system when they choose to.



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Language Name Meaning
Japanese イングスマッシャー  Ing Smasher  

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