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Shriekbat mp1 Screenshot 03.png

Shriekbats roosting in Chozo Ruins

Damages by
  • Collision
  • Exploding
Threat Capacity


Natural Habitats

Shriekbats are flying creatures in the Metroid Prime series.


A single Shriekbat

Shriekbats hang from ceilings in caves. They have a high internal temperature, peaking at 121°​ centigrade, which makes them easy to spot with thermal imaging. When something enters their territory, they swoop down and explode on contact with their target. Shriekbats native to Tallon IV have a small, insect-like appearance and possess blade shaped wings, a single red eye on their head, two small mandibles, and two small legs that they use to hold onto cave ceilings.

Shriekbats native to planet Aether are shaped like discs, with several glowing orange eyes and what appear to be tails.

There are several different subspecies of Shriekbat including Ice, Bryyonian, Urtagian, Elysian, and Phazon Shriekbats. All Shriekbats are based off of real-world bats; however, their design only vaguely resembles them. Tallon IV's Shriekbats greatly resemble the Skree of Zebes.


Elysian Shriekbat

Main article: Elysian Shriekbat

Elysian Shriekbats are not an actual species of Shriekbat but are robotic versions designed by the Chozo to mimic regular Shriekbats.

Ice Shriekbat

Main article: Ice Shriekbat

Ice Shriekbats appear in the Phendrana Drifts they have a blue and yellow color scheme; their wings are much larger and they have ice crystals on their backs.

Bryyonian Shriekbat

Main article: Bryyonian Shriekbat

Bryyonian Shriekbats look more like real world bats.

Urtagian Shriekbat

Main article: Urtagian Shriekbat

Urtagian Shriekbats resemble Shriekbats from Aether.

Phazon Shriekbat

Main article: Phazon Shriekbat

Phazon shriekbats are completely different from all other Shriekbats they are more aggressive and when they dive bomb they explode in a Phazon explosion, they are completely dependent on Phazon.




Shriekbats in action.


  1. "Territorial ceiling-​dweller.​ Body temperature peaks at 121°​ centigrade. ​Shriekbats have high internal temperature,​ making them easy to spot with thermal imaging.​ They roost on cave ceilings while hunting for small prey.​ Fiercely territorial,​ they dive-​bomb anything that wanders near." —Metroid Prime Logbook "Shriekbat" (Metroid Prime)
  2. "A winged creature that explodes on contact to defends its territory, it will attack any creature approaching its nesting grounds. Inhabitants of Tallon IV have called for its extermination because of the threat it poses to the infrastructure and cultural heritage of the planet." —Metroid Prime Hunters Logbook "Shriekbat" (Metroid Prime Hunters)
  3. "Shriekbats have high internal temperatures, leading them to seek cool climates to dwell in. They prefer caverns, roosting on ceilings while hunting for small prey. Fiercely territorial, they dive-bomb anything that wanders near. This attack is fatal for the Shriekbat, as the impact sets off a discharge of thermal energy." —Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Logbook "Shriekbat" (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストライカー  Striker  
Japanese シュリークバット  Shriekbat  

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