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Pirate Trooper
Artwork of a Pirate Trooper from Metroid Prime Pinball

A Pirate Trooper from Metroid Prime Pinball

  • Beam-type weapon
  • Energy scythe

This article is about the standard Pirate military. For the article about the Pirates with reverse engineered beam weapons, see Trooper Pirate.

Space Pirate Troopers are the main form of military in the Space Pirate Organization. They were commissioned as the first members of the Organization and the basic form of military. In Super Metroid, they resemble insectoid creatures, and in the Prime series, they retained a more humanoid statue. The insect-like physique was brought back in Metroid: Other M. Pirate Troopers are the most common infantry of the Space Pirates, and rank higher than Pirate Militia.


Zebesians in the destroyed Mother Brain lair

The Pirate Troopers of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion are depicted as crustacean-like beings with a humanoid physique called Zebesians.


  • Gray Zebesians are found in Crateria and take one shot of any weapon to defeat.
  • Yellow Zebesians are found in Lower Norfair and can only be defeated with the Screw Attack or by firing at them while they are in midair. They also appear in Metroid Fusion as X-infected Pirates that are vulnerable in their backs.
  • Silver Zebesians are found in Lower Norfair and are invulnerable to all weaponry. A very small opening for when the Pirate can be damaged appears when it jumps through the air and turns to a golden color, much like the Yellow Space Pirates.


Space Pirate Troopers from the Prime series have a more human-like stature than its previous counterpart. They are equipped with Galvanic Accelerator Cannons and forearm-mounted Scythes for close-range combat.

Metroid Prime

Space Pirate mp1 Artwork.png

The simple Trooper from Metroid Prime is simply known as a Space Pirate, although their Logbook scan indicates that they are the basic troopers.[1] They are trained very well in weapon and melee combat. They are very intelligent and spend most of their time in battle, hindering Galactic Federation forces. While they are found throughout Tallon IV, most of them abide in Glacier One of Phendrana Drifts and the Phazon Mines.

Different variants of the Prime pirates exist, such as Shadow Pirates and Flying Pirates. A special group of Pirate Troopers known as Trooper Pirates appear and are only vulnerable to the same Beam technology from which their their armorsuits are derived. They are only found in the Phazon Mines. Pirate Troopers are sometimes used as bait for Metroids in their Quarantines.[citation needed]

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Space Pirate mp2 Artwork.png

The standard Space Pirate's name changed to Pirate Trooper in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for unknown reasons, and remained this way for the rest of the Space Pirate's reign. Their weapon system was altered to a Quantum Assault Cannon and a Photonic Power Scythe.[2] They are stationed in the Agon Wastes, but evidence of their camps exist in Torvus Bog. The Pirates were commonly possessed by the Ing, and Dark Pirate Commandos appear in all regions of Aether.

Since the incident on Tallon IV, their weaponry has improved significantly. When possessed by the Ing, they use their new weapons to serve the Ing horde.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

After the initial Phazon Corruption of the Space Pirates prior to the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Pirate Troopers were heavily upgraded in weaponry and infantry, each one equipped with Phazon Enhancement Devices to overpower their foes of battle.[3] The Pirate Troopers were also specialized and come in many varieties. Their weapons were enhanced to Assault Rifles, EMP Grenades, a Dash Jet system, and an Energy Scythe. A majority of the Troopers were equipped with a temporary hovering system that is similar to that of the Aerotrooper.

Most of the Pirate Troopers were stationed at the Pirate Homeworld, although many were assigned to Bryyo and Elysia, as well as the attack on Norion.

Corruption Varieties

Shield Pirate Trooper

Main article: Shield Pirate Trooper

Shield Pirate Troopers are basic Pirate Troopers that are equipped with an energy shield. This can be ripped off with the Grapple Lasso.

Armored Pirate Trooper

Main article: Armored Pirate Trooper

Armored Pirate Troopers are Pirate Troopers that are outfitted with standard battle armor that is resistant to beam attacks, but vulnerable to Missile attacks.

Advanced Pirate Trooper

Main article: Advanced Pirate Trooper

Advanced Pirate Troopers are Pirate Troopers that wear a thick layer of Phazite armor. They are upgraded versions of Armored Pirate Troopers.

Assault Pirate Trooper

Main article: Assault Pirate Trooper

Assault Pirate Troopers are Pirate Troopers that carry a layer of Missile-resistant armor and excel at melee attacks.

Metroid: Other M

Artwork of a Zebesian from Other M.

While investigating the Bottle Ship, Samus learns that the Galactic Federation has genetically engineered the Zebesians and has cybernetically enhanced them into Cyborg Zebesians. The Galactic Federation intended to create an elite task force similer to that of the Space Pirates. They had even created a Mother Brain as the leader. Underneath their enhancements, they are purple in appearence.

Metroid Fusion

While fighting the X Parasites on the BSL Station, some of the X mimic purple Zebesians, most likely engineered by the Federation there. There is also a Gold Varient that is similer to the Silver Zebesian.


Logbook Entries



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