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A Sandigger

A Sandigger


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Damages by
  • Acidic digestive fluid[1]
  • Ramming

Dark Beam

Vulnerable Areas

Both eyes[1]

Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat

Agon Wastes

Sandiggers are tunneling creatures found in Agon Wastes on Aether. They have two heads, each capable of thinking separately.[1] Their "dual-brain nervous system" and behavior seems to suggest that both brains share a body, but not a one thought process. This means that when one brain dies, the other continues controlling the body to fight.

Battling Sandiggers

Sandiggers will attack by either ramming their prey or by firing acidic fluid. Samus can only defeat Sandiggers when they mandibles are not blocking their head, though powerful weapons such as the Sonic Boom or Power Bombs can destroy Sandiggers at any time.

Samus also encounters the leader of the Sandigger pack in Agon Wastes, though the Alpha Sandigger is quickly possessed by the Ing that stole the Morph Ball Bombs.



Area Room Number in Room
Agon Wastes Mining Station A
Agon Wastes Mining Station B



"Sandigger" is a simple combination of the words "sand" and "digger." The name is obviously earned due to the fact that Sandiggers dig through the ground.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 "Scans indicate that the Sandigger has a dual-brain nervous system. Both of its heads are capable of attacking, disabling, and digesting prey. It fires globs of acidic digestive fluid at prey to cripple them and begin the digestion process. Its hide is very durable and resistant to weapons fire: only its exposed eyes can be damaged." — Logbook "Sandigger" (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンドワーム  Sand Worm  

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