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The plant creature, Flaahgra

The massive plant creature, Flaahgra


Metroid Prime


Chozo Ruins


Varia Suit

Flaahgra is a creature living in the Sunchamber of the Chozo Ruins during the events of Metroid Prime. It is a specimen of an unknown species of large flower that suffers from heavy mutation due to Phazon. The source of the toxic water in the region, it yields the Varia Suit upon defeat.


Flaahgra, strengthened by sunlight

When Samus first confronts Flaahgra, a Mirror Array containing a large reflective disc shifts and begins reflecting sunlight onto the flower that makes up Flaahgra's base. This causes the central, insectoid mass of Flaahgra to become active and grow rapidly.

Using the Charge Beam or Missiles, Samus can knock the Mirror Array back to its deactivated position. The reduction of sunlight shining on Flaahgra will cause it to become weak and collapse. When this happens, the thorned roots of Flaahgra retract, allowing Samus to access one of the four unprotected weak points near its lower root system with the Morph Ball. She can then use a Morph Ball Bomb to damage Flaahgra. The bomb will cause an explosive reaction that will burn the central insectoid mass, which will shrivel and appear destroyed. However, two of the reflective discs will activate at this point, and Flaahgra will be revived.

This cycle will repeat several times, each time with one more reflective disc activated, until all four mirrors are activated at once. When Samus damages all four of Flaahgra's weak points, it will be defeated permanently, and the water bubbling from the fountain will be purified.

Flaahgra may attack Samus either by swiping at her with its claws or spraying a toxic green fluid that spawns poisonous plants. Once Samus has deactivated one or more of the Mirror Arrays, Flaahgra will sometimes swipe at them with its scythes, reactivating them. Samus can prevent this by firing her weapons at Flaahgra, as sufficient damage will temporarily incapacitate it. However, she can only cause permanent damage to Flaahgra by attacking the weak points at its base. If Samus gets too close to the roots, they will knock her back.




The battle with Flaahgra.


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  1. "This mutant plant is the source of toxic water in the Ruins.​ Flaahgra'​s growth cycle has been radically accelerated.​ As a result,​ it requires near-​constant exposure to solar energy to remain active.​ This exposure has made Flaahgra'​s outer shell thick and durable.​ Its lower root system is unprotected and vulnerable,​ however.​ Exploit this flaw when possible.​ Concentrated weapon fire can daze it for short periods." —Logbook (Metroid Prime)
  2. "One of Flaahgra'​s tentacles fills this narrow drainage channel.​ Analysis indicates that Flaahgra'​s central nervous system is located at the base of this structure." —Logbook (Metroid Prime)

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