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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Damages by
  • Chakram
  • Whip
  • Slash
Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat


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Reptilicus are a species native to Bryyo. They appear to be more intelligent and sophisticated than most Bryyonian life forms. They seem to be the descendants of the Primals, Bryyonians focused on the magic ways of their tribes and persecuted the Lords of Science.

Morphology and Ethology

Reptilicus, as implied by their name, appear very reptilian. They are tall and have four arms and two legs, for a total of six limbs. These bipedal creatures often seemed hunched over, as if they can stand on two arms and two legs.

Reptilicus are highly aggressive, attacking Samus immediately as she enters their line of sight. Although their species seems to have devolved and lost a higher intelligence, they seem to have kept much of their sophistication.

Reptilicus seem to be sophisticated enough to create their own prisons. They also have developed technological weapons in their whips and chakrams. Additionally, they have tamed the warping creatures, Warp Hounds to use in battle and presumably hunting.[1] Certain Reptilicus seem to have been chosen to be Reptilicus Hunters, more powerful enemies with a higher resilience. Due to a mutation, possibly genetic or Phazon-based, the Reptilicus have built an ability to teleport across short distances. This can prove useful to the creatures, as they can surprise prey or enemies and corner them.[2]

Phazon Corruption

Along with a general deterioration of the species as a societal species in general, the descendants of the Primals seem to have been corrupted by Phazon.




"Reptilicus" is a combination of the word "reptile" and the suffix "-icus" (meaning "having characteristics of"). Together, "Reptilicus" may imply that the species has traits of the terrestrial reptiles: scaly, cold-blooded animals which Corruption's Reptilicuses do seem to resemble.


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