Korakk Beast

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Korakk Beast
Korakk Beast and Pirate Hussar mp3 screenshot 1.png

The Korakk Beast and its Pirate Hussar rider


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Phazon energy

Vulnerable Area(s)
  • Tongue
  • Tail
  • Belly

Bryyo Thorn Jungle - Jousting Field


Access to the the Leviathan Shield Generator in Bryyo Thorn Jungle

Korakk Beasts are animals that are used as cavalry by Space Pirates. Samus encounters one, along with its Pirate Hussar rider, in the Jousting Field of Bryyo Thorn Jungle. They are only found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The Pirate Hussars often form bonds with their mounts, and the Korakk Beasts guard the Hussars with their lives.[2]


The battle begins after Samus defeats a pair of Aerotroopers. The Korakk Beast comes charging in with a Pirate Hussar riding. The Korakk Beast will be largely inactive, until the death of its rider, at which point it becomes enraged and begins attacking Samus ferociously. It attacks with its tongue, and if it grabs Samus, she must shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to escape. It also rams Samus, and fires Phazon energy at her. In order to damage the Beast, Samus must fire at its tongue when it attacks with it, stunning the Beast. While the Beast is stunned, Samus can roll under the Beast with her Morph Ball and lay Morph Ball Bombs near its belly. After several successful Bomb blasts, the Beast rears up on its hind legs, revealing its belly. Samus can then severely damage the Beast with Hypermode attacks or Ice Missiles. After its defeat, Samus can access the Leviathan Shield Generator in the Thorn Jungle region.




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  2. "Hussars are unusually brave for Space Pirates, willing to ride the deadly Korakk beast into combat. Their Phazon Energy Lances are deadly at any range. Hussars and their mounts have a strange bond. If a Hussar is slain, his Korakk will fight to avenge his death" —Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Logbook "Pirate Hussar" (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

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