Space Pirate Assault Skiff

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Space Pirate Assault Skiffs are modified version of Armored Tactical Carriers. It uses a Tribeam Cannon to support ground troopers. Samus encounters three Assault Skiffs when defending the Theronian Bomb aimed for Elysia's Leviathan. The Skiffs attack the Spire Pod with their cannons, causing considerable amounts damage to its structure. In this battle, these vehicles pose the largest threat against the newly assembled Theronian Bomb. Three appear in all, and after all of them are destroyed, the remaining Space Pirate forces retreat.



  1. "The fast moving Space Pirate Assault Skiff is used to support troops in combat. The skiff is mounted with a tribeam cannon, which is capable of firing powerful charged shots. However, the cannon itself is unprotected and can be easily overloaded. This modified version of the ATC has sacrificed durability for speed, and often employs hit-and-run tactics." — Logbook "Space Pirate Assault Skiff" (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

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