"Jolly Roger" Drone

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"Jolly Roger" Drone
Artwork of a "Jolly Roger" Drone

Artwork of a "Jolly Roger" Drone from Corruption


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Space Pirates


SkyTown, Elysia

Threat Capacity



Access to Generator A

"Jolly Roger" Drones are mechanoids constructed by the Space Pirates. They attack by firing blasts of Phazon energy. "Jolly Roger" Drones are only encountered in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They are Space Pirate drones running on Galactic Federation technology. These drones are extremely quick and can be a threat especially in multiple numbers. Individually, however, it does not take a severe amount of energy to destroy them. They appear on Norion, Bryyo, and the Pirate Homeworld.

A group of "Jolly Roger" Drones serves as an early Mini-Boss of Corruption. This group is an obstruction to Generator A. Unlike other "Jolly Roger" Drones, this group is organized, in fact it is organized in a fashion similar to Prime's Hive Mecha. After their defeat, Samus is able to restore power to Generator A.

One "Jolly Roger" Drone is armed with high-frequency technology seemingly similar to Samus's Nova Beam. This drone, however, only appears briefly and does not use the technology to attack Samus.



  1. "The "Jolly Roger" Drone is designed for quick aerial maneuvers, but this comes at the cost of survivability. The fragile armor of the unit is vulnerable to weapon fire of any type. The Jolly Roger is based on Federation tech, but has been considerably upgraded. Powered by Phazon, the mechanoid can be a serious threat in battle, especially in groups." — Logbook ""Jolly Roger" Drone" (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エアドローン  Air Drone  

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