Armored Shield Trooper

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Armored Shield Trooper

An Armored Shield Trooper at the Pirate Homeworld.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • Assault rifle
  • Energy scythe
  • EMP grenades
  • Dash Jet system
  • Lightweight armorsuit
  • Portable battle shield
  • Beam-type attacks
  • Energy scythe
  • EMP grenades

Armored Shield Troopers are Shield Pirate Troopers that are equipped with a lightweight armorsuit.[1] The Space Pirate Organization commissioned many new varieties of Pirate Troopers prior to the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, as seen with energy shields and armor being equipped onto infantry. Pulling off the shield with the Grapple Lasso will leave the trooper open for attacks.[1] The shield's only weaknesses are Phazon-based attacks.[1] Strangely, when the Trooper enters Hypermode itself, its own attacks cause no damage to the shield. Once it is removed, the armor may be broken down with Missiles or Hypermode attacks.[1] The Grapple Voltage or Hyper Grapple may be used to drain the Pirate's energy as well.


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