Assault Pirate Trooper

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Assault Pirate Trooper
Assault Pirate Trooper

An Assault Pirate Trooper engages in combat.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Pirate Homeworld

  • Beam-type attacks
  • Energy scythe
  • EMP grenades

Assault Pirate Troopers are Space Pirate Troopers that excel at melee attacks and are some of the best that the Space Pirate Organization has to offer.[1] They wear large, unique armor that deflects all Missile attacks.[1] Most beam attacks, however, can disrupt the armor and damage the Pirate.[1] The armor was first put into commission around the time when Dark Samus took control of the Space Pirates during the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Hypermode attacks are very effective against the Assault Pirate Troopers, since they easily penetrate and destroy the armor. Their attacks are the same as basic Pirate Troopers', however, and the Pirate will revert back to that state if the Assault armor is disposed of.[1] The armor is limited to Pirate Troopers and was not issued to Pirate Militia. Another version of Assault Pirate Troopers equipped with shields akin to that of the Shield Pirate Trooper known as the Assault Shield Trooper appears as well.


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