Assault Aerotrooper

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Assault Aerotrooper
Assault Aerotrooper.jpg

An Assault Aerotrooper in battle.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • Jet pack
  • Heavy armorsuit
  • Twin Remote Attack Pods
    • Particle Cannon
    • Gel Bombs
  • Beam-type weapons
  • Gel Bombs
  • Kamikaze

Assault Aerotroopers are Space Pirate Troopers that are equipped with equipment that enables them to hover for moderate periods of time. They are part of the Assault class of Pirate Troopers, meaning that they are skilled in melee attacks and wear Missile-resistant armor. Therefore, only the best can join the Aerotrooper rank of said class. Beam weapons are still quite effective against Assault Aerotroopers. Like normal Aerotroopers, they are equipped with dual Remote Attack Pods at their disposal. One Pod features a Particle Cannon, while the other holds a rack of Gel Bombs, a special Semtex-like bomb that sticks to enemies until it detonates. High-velocity movement, such as charging a Boost Ball, can remove a Gel Bomb.



  • In the strategy guide to Metroid Prime Trilogy by Prima Games, there is a mistake regarding the Assault Aerotroopers. In the beginning of Corruption during the attack on Norion, two normal Aerotroopers guard Generator A. Upon stepping inside the room, they will take off and be out of sight. The strategy guide states that the two Aerotroopers there are in fact Assault Aerotroopers and can only be scanned by scanning them through the doorway to Generator A, and that letting them fly up will prevent them from being scanned for the rest of the game.[2] The real Assault Aerotrooper is a one-time scan, but appears much later in the Pirate Homeworld in the Craneyard. In the back of the guide, however, when all of the scans are listed, it states that the Assault Aerotrooper is indeed located in the Craneyard.[2] This has led to confusion from readers and criticism of the guides.[3]


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