Black Zebesian

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Black Zebesian
Black Zebesian.png

A Black Zebesian in in Space Pirate Mother Ship


Metroid: Zero Mission




Space Pirate Mother Ship


Laser cannon


Charge Beam

Black Zebesians are a variety of Zebesian found in Metroid: Zero Mission. They briefly appear in one room, but they are not required to be killed. Their main location of note is in the Space Pirate Hanger Bay, where they control the doors to the bay. When Samus is escaping from the ship, she must defeat both Black Pirates to open the door. The Black Pirates can only be harmed by the Charge Beam.


Game Black Zebesian
Metroid: Zero Mission Metroid: Zero Mission - Zebesian
Space Pirate Machinery Space Pirate Vessels Space Pirate Creatures High-Ranking Space Pirates
Ground Troopers Aerotroopers Zebesians Project Helix