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Flying Pirate
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Flying Pirate render by Gene Kohler


Metroid Prime


Tallon IV


Flying Pirates are Space Pirate Troopers that are equipped with Jet Pack technology. Flying Pirates are trained and equipped specifically for airborne assault and have Beam weapons and Missiles at their payload.[1]


A Flying Pirate engaged in combat

If a Flying Pirate's jet pack is damaged to the point that it ultimately fail, the Flying Pirate will launch itself towards the attacker in an apparent suicide strike, exploding upon impact.[1] The Pirates can easily be defeated with a charged Plasma Beam shot or a charged Ice Beam shot followed by a Missile. Strangely enough, when frozen, the Flying Pirate's jet pack will keep the organism in the air. Because of their jet packs' high heat signatures, one can easily track down a Flying Pirate with Thermal technology.[1] A version of the Flying Pirate that does its work in underwater regions is known as an Aqua Pirate. Flying Pirates specifically have only appeared in Metroid Prime, but members of the Space Pirate Organization that are almost identical to the unit, called Aerotroopers, exist.




  • Oddly, the physical stature of Flying Pirates is much more nimble and small than that of a normal Pirate Trooper.
  • Although Flying Pirates only appear in Prime, very similar Aerotroopers appear in Echoes and Corruption.


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Language Name Meaning
Japanese フライングパイレーツ  Flying Pirates  

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