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Pirate Proximity Mine

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Pirate Proximity Mine
Pirate Proximity Mine

A Pirate Proximity Mine prior to detonation


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Space Pirates




Bryyo Thorn Jungle

Threat Capacity




A Pirate Proximity Mine exploding

Prate Proximity Mines are explosive weapons developed by Space Pirates. Like any land mine, they explode when approached. Samus only encounters these explosives on the Pirate-controlled section of Bryyo in Corruption, on her way to the second Tiamat Turret. These are the most basic of Pirate mines; they are relatively large and easily noticeable. Additionally, they can be destroyed by any of Samus's weaponry. These mines cause minor damage with a limited blast radius.

Scan Data[edit | edit source]

Located in: Bryyo

Pirate Proximity Mine. Explodes when approached. Detonate from a safe distance.[1]

References[edit source]

  1. "Pirate Proximity Mine. Explodes when approached. Detonate from a safe distance." —Scan data for Pirate Proximity Mine (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

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