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Cloaked Drone

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Cloaked Drone
Cloaked Drone 01.png

The Cloaked Drone exploding.


Metroid Prime


Space Pirates


Tallon IV


Central Dynamo of Phazon Mines

Threat Capacity


  • Energy beams
  • Cannons

Wave Beam

The Cloaked Drone[1] is a Sentry Drone with a cloaking device found in Metroid Prime. It acts as a mini-boss in the Phazon Mines, where Samus fights it the first time she visits the Central Dynamo; after its defeat, she can navigate an electric maze where she'll acquire the Power Bomb.

The easiest way to defeat this drone is to use the Wavebuster, which will automatically lock onto the drone; if Samus is low on missiles, the best weapon to use is charged Wave Beam shots. The drone cannot be locked onto without the X-Ray Visor (which is not available at the time without Sequence Breaking), but it can be located by looking for the light that's emitted from its guns.

Because the Cloaked Drone is invisible, it cannot be scanned and therefore has no logbook data or an in-game name.[1]

References[edit source]

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