Sonic Security System

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Sonic Security System
Sonic Security System mp2 Screenshot 01.png

A Sonic Security System emitter

Game(s) Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Located in *Aether
Uses Security requiring sonic detection gear
Creator(s) Luminoth

Sonic Security Systems are used extensively by the Luminoth to restrict entry to secure areas or protect valuable items or expansions. The most common type of Sonic Security System is the Echo Key Beam System, though others exist throughout Luminoth strongholds on Aether. Sonic detection gear is needed to interact with these systems, and occasionally equipment with sonic properties is required as well.[1]

These systems are easily identified by the telltale sound given off by the emitters usually used in conjunction with these systems.


An active Emitter Icon
A disabled Emitter Icon
A Receiver Icon

Sonic security systems usually consist of two major components: Emitters, which can be targeted and disabled, and their target receivers. When Samus equips her Echo Visor, these emitters appear as orange icons firing pulses of sound waves, and the targets appear as black and white padlock icons on the receiving end of those sonic pulses.

These sonic security systems are used with a wide variety of Luminoth systems throughout Aether, though Samus is unable to interact with them without equipping sonic detection gear.


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Echo Key Beam System

Main article: Echo Key Beam System

Echo Key Beam Systems use Echo Key Beam Emitters and Echo Gates to secure items and equipment. They can be manipulated using the Echo Visor and Annihilator Beam in tandem. Each Gate has a unique sequential lock that can be detected using the Echo Visor, and then the Beam Emitters can be activated using a sonic pulse from the Annihilator Beam in the proper order to unlock the gate.

Solar Lenses

Main article: Solar Lens

In the Mining Plaza in Agon Wastes, a sonic security system is used in conjunction with three Solar Lenses.[2] The position of these lenses can be manipulated by disabling corresponding emitters in the immediate area. When the three lenses are aligned, solar power is focused so that the way to an Energy Tank is revealed.

Kinetic Orb Target

Main article: Kinetic Orb Target

In the Temple Access in Sanctuary Fortress, a single sonic security system emitter secures the position of a Kinetic Orb Target.[3] When this emitter is disabled, the target will move away, allowing any spherical objects that enter the nearby Kinetic Orb Cannon to reach new areas.

Scan Data


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