Kinetic Orb

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Kinetic Orb
Game(s) *Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Creator(s) *Luminoth
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Kinetic Orbs are spherical objects used in conjunction with Kinetic Orb Cannons, first mentioned in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

The original purpose of these devices is unknown, but scan data would seem to indicate that they may have been designed for industrial use and later used in combat systems.[1] Conveyor Systems and lifts designed to transport Kinetic Orbs are occasionally encountered on Aether and Dark Aether, possibly as part of a loading system for a Kinetic Orb weapon.[2][3]

Given that Samus can use Kinetic Orb technologies while in her alternate form, Kinetic Orbs are undoubtedly comparable in size and shape to the Morph Ball, probably no larger than one meter in diameter. Because Kinetic Orb Cannons often launch objects towards magnetic rails, it is safe to assume that Kinetic Orbs were magnetic or were equipped with some enhancements similar to Spider Ball technology.


Scan Data


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