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Light-Based Teleportation System

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Light-Based Teleportation System
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Samus using the Light-Based Teleportation System


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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The Light-Based Teleportation System, also called the Luminoth Energy Transport System,[1] is a Luminoth designed transport that Samus can use in conjunction with the Light Suit.[2] It is powered by the Luminoth Energy Control System.[3] There are four access points for travel between the four temples: one in each Energy Controller in Agon, Torvus, Sanctuary, and the Great Temple that can be activated by stepping into holograms.[4] Other, shorter teleportation routes connecting two areas of negligible distance are scattered around Aether and appear as long shafts of yellow light that will transport Samus the instant she steps inside. The Light Suit allows Samus to ride the beams of energy between regions on Aether.[5]

After Samus returns the nine keys to the Sky Temple Gateway, she may use a teleporter to access the Sky Temple.

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