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Luminoth Energy Control System

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Luminoth Energy Control System
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The light of all three Energy Controllers pouring into the Great Temple


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Located in



Regulates and preserves Light of Aether



The Luminoth Energy Control System is the planet-wide structure used by the Luminoth to regulate and preserve the planetary energy of their planet, Aether.[1] Since Aether is a rogue planet and therefore without its own sun, technological enhancement was necessary to prevent the planet from dying out. Main functions and power flow regulation are operated using the four Energy Controllers in the Great Temple, the Agon Temple, the Torvus Temple, and the Sanctuary Temple.[2]

Besides preserving the Light of Aether, other functions of the Luminoth Energy Control System include an artificial, planet-wide weather grid and a teleportation system.[3]

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