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Central Dynamo

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Central Dynamo

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The Central Dynamo is a room in the Phazon Mines. It connects the Dynamo Access, Save Station Mines B, and Quarantine Access A by White Doors. The room is relatively large and contains a large device in the center. The door to the Dynamo Access is located on a high ledge accessible using a series of suspended platforms that lead above the room from the far side of the room. The lower area has doors to the Save Station Mines B and the Quarantine Access A, which is blocked by Bendezium rubble. When Samus enters the room, the Cloaked Drone will attack. Once it has been destroyed, a hole will open near the central device. This will allow Samus to enter a Morph Ball maze. Samus must navigate through a number of poles in this area that have electricity connecting them. Most are continuous, but some will periodically turn on and off. Samus can lay Morph Ball Bombs on some puddles in the room to short out some of the electricity. Once Samus reaches the center, she obtains the Power Bombs, and then uses one to destroy the device. Four Ice Troopers can be found in the room on later visits.

Inhabitants of the Room[edit | edit source]

Creature Number Encountered
Cloaked Drone 1  First visit only  
Ice Troopers 4  On all later visits  
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