Sky Temple Gateway

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Sky Temple Gateway
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The Sky Temple Gateway

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Sky Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

Hall of Honored Dead


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The Sky Temple Gateway, located on the Sky Temple Grounds, is the entrance to the Sky Temple. It is the final resting place of the Luminoth A-Kul, and the location of the clues regarding the location of the other nine Keybearers.

It houses an access point to the Light-Based Teleportation System that allows Samus to access the Sky Temple, after the nine Sky Temple Keys have been acquired.

Once Samus defeats the Emperor Ing and is forced to escape the collapsing Dark Aether, she is attacked by Dark Samus in the Sky Temple Gateway. After Dark Samus is defeated, a Portal that leads to the Hall of Honored Dead on Aether can be used.

There is a ring of Phazon that surrounds the room on all sides that will damage Samus if she comes in contact with it.


Creature Number Encountered
Dark Samus 1  During escape  

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