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Portal Terminal
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The Portal Terminal

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Agon Wastes

Connected Rooms

Portal Site


The Portal Terminal is a room in the Agon Wastes on Aether. It connects Portal Access A to the Transport Center.


The room houses a Portal Generator and acts as a gateway between the two dimensions. There are three industrial lenses suspended along the center of the chamber that concentrate solar power into a Portal Dynamo at the western end of the room.[1][2] The dynamo then channels the solar power along paths on the floor to the Portal Generator, allowing it to be activated.[3] The lenses are initially in the inactive position and can only be activated by following a series of Morph Ball conveyors on the walls.[4] The tracks can only be accessed after activating a Bomb Slot near the Portal Generator, and the Bomb Slot will not come online until the defeat of the two Dark Pirate Troopers.[5] This Morph Ball path goes along a long track that will move each of the lenses into position. There are also two Pillbugs in the tunnel, as well as minor obstacles made of Talloric Alloy.[6] The movement of each lens will cause a number of War Wasps to appear.

The Portal Generator

If Samus enters the room without the Morph Ball Bombs, there will be no inhabitants. The first time Samus enters the room while in possession of the Bomb upgrade, two Pirate Troopers will attack. After their defeat, two more Troopers will appear, and will then be possessed by Ing and become Dark Pirate Troopers.

Both doors to connecting rooms are found on the west side of the room. The door to Portal Access A is immediately accessible. The door to the Transport Center, however, is behind a large door that can only be lowered using a nearby Bomb Slot.[7] This Bomb Slot is in a state of Transdimensional Flux, and can only be manipulated on Dark Aether in the Portal Site.[8]

A Luminoth Lore Projector containing the Lore entry "Light of Aether" can be scanned behind a sand flow beside the ramp leading to the Portal Generator.


Available Logbook Data

Scan Data

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Creature Number Encountered
Pirate Troopers 2  Visits with Bombs  
Dark Pirate Troopers 2  Visits with Bombs  
Pirate Trooper 1  Visits with Space Jump Boots  
War Wasps 3  Each time a Solar Lens opens  
Pillbugs 2  Until Portal Dynamo actives  


  • Before venturing into Dark Aether, a Splinter Cocoon can be seen nestled in the crevasses of the ceiling, but cannot be scanned and does not open. The cocoon is missing on later visits to the Portal Terminal.


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