Sky Temple Grounds

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Sky Temple Grounds
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Samus and Dark Samus in the Sky Temple Grounds


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Sky Temple Keys



Dark Samus


Dark Aether

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The Sky Temple Grounds is the Dark Aether counterpart to the Temple Grounds. It is separated into four isolated sections, several of which have high amounts of Phazon. The Sky Temple Grounds is also home to a large variety of Ing.

The Sky Temple Grounds is the first area on Dark Aether that Samus visits, after she follows Dark Samus through a Portal, although the room visited is unreachable after the Ing take much of Samus's equipment. Samus visits the Grounds later in order to gain entry into Torvus Bog. Once the energy of Agon Wastes, Torvus Bog, and Sanctuary Fortress has each been recovered, she visits the Grounds in order to recover three Sky Temple Keys and return them to the Sky Temple Gateway in order to access the Sky Temple. After defeating the Emperor Ing in the Sky Temple, Samus returns to the Sky Temple Grounds in order to escape before Dark Aether collapses.

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  • The Sky Temple Grounds is the only area on Aether or Dark Aether that does not have a Save Station.

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Tierras del Templo del Cielo  Sky Temple Grounds  
French Terres du temple du ciel  Sky Temple Grounds  
German Anlagen vom Himmelstempel  Sky Temple Plants  
Italian Area del Tempio del Cielo  Sky Temple Area  

Sky Temple Grounds Dark Agon Wastes Dark Torvus Bog Ing Hive Sky Temple
Temple Grounds Agon Wastes Torvus Bog Sanctuary Fortress Great Temple