Hive Chamber C

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Hive Chamber C
Hive Chamber C.jpg

The Hive Chamber C

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

The Hive Chamber C is a room in the Temple Grounds. The room connects Hive Chamber B to the Hive Save Station and the Hive Transport Area. The room circles counterclockwise, and contains four Dark Troopers. The door to the Hive Save Station is located about halfway through the room, and is blocked by crates. The door to the Hive Transport Area is located at the end of the room.

Inhabitants of the Room

Creature Number Encountered
Dark Troopers 4  On all visits  
Sky Temple Grounds Dark Agon Wastes Dark Torvus Bog Ing Hive Sky Temple
Temple Grounds Agon Wastes Torvus Bog Sanctuary Fortress Great Temple