Hall of Honored Dead

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Hall of Honored Dead
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The Hall of Honored Dead

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temple Grounds

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Seeker Missile Launcher


Temple Grounds Main Theme

The Hall of Honored Dead is a room in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is located in the center of the Temple Grounds and acts as a statuary honoring Aether's first four Sentinels: X-Qar, Q-Cis, V-Mos, and J-Gnk. A holographic message left behind by the Sentinel of the Torvus Temple, A-Voq, reveals that the chamber is also a vault for the Seeker Launcher and is considered sacred by the Luminoth.[1]

Themes and Navigation

The room is initially accessed using a Morph Ball tunnel that hangs above the Path of Honor, as the main Door from the Path of Honor is covered by a Blast Shield that can only be destroyed using the Seeker Missile, which is obtained in the room.

The chamber is a massive, open-air arena. A Luminoth-built Portal to Dark Aether rests on a high ledge opposite the main entrance that cannot be reached by conventional means; additionally, though the Portal is active, it is unstable and security measures on the Portal Generation System prevent travel through the rift. There is also a corpse of an aged Luminoth, beneath the statue of X-Qar, and an adolescent Luminoth, beneath the statue of V-Mos, both of whom died while defending the site.[2][3] In the center of the room is the Seeker Launcher upgrade, surrounded by an advanced security system set in place by the Luminoth.

The security system can only be deactivated using the Boost Ball in conjunction with the four Spinner devices that rest at the base of the Sentinel Statues. She must rotate them in the proper sequence and the correct number of times to align the circular sections of the chamber floor in the correct order. Upon completion of the puzzle, a large structure equipped with beam emitters rises out of the floor and focuses beams of ultra-high frequency waves at the central containment chamber, shattering it and unveiling the Seeker Missile, the missile launcher previously used by the Champion of Aether.


Available Logbook Entries

Scan Data



  • The portal on the ledge can be reached by using advanced jumping techniques or through cheating devices, such as an Action Replay. Even if players do make it up there, Samus walks through the portal, yet nothing happens. This portal is eventually used in the final cutscene of the game to escape a collapsing Dark Aether after Samus steals back the last of the Light of Aether.
  • According to the map of the Temple Grounds, the entire Great Temple is considered a part of this room. It is most likely that the image could not be put in the map unless it had room data, and so was integrated into the Hall of Honored Dead map image.


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