Industrial Site

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Industrial Site
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The Industrial Site

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temple Grounds

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The Industrial Site is a room in the Temple Grounds. The room connects the Hive Transport Area, the Agon Transport Access, and the Collapsed Tunnel.

When Samus first enters from the Hive Transport Area, access to the room will be blocked by a GF Gate Mk VI. By scanning a nearby terminal, two targets will appear above the gate. Shooting these targets will raise the gate. The main room is divided in half by a line of rubble and a Heavy Transport Crate. By scanning another terminal to the left of the Crate, a GF Combat Crane will lift the Crate, allowing access to the other side.

A number of Splinter Cocoons are on the far wall, and when Samus approaches, three Splinters will attack from these cocoons. A walkway leads around the room, starting on the far side and leading to the Collapsed Tunnel. On this path, there are four Green Kralees, along with a GF Bridge. This bridge can be lowered by scanning a terminal and shooting two exposed targets at the top of the bridge.

The door to the Agon Transport Access can be found below the walkway on the east side of the room. It is blocked by a gate that can only be lowered using the violet upgrade to the Translator Module. The corpse and final testament of J-Fme can be found behind the gate as well. On later visits, all creatures will be replaced by four Dark Splinters. Assorted crates can be found throughout the room and can be destroyed for energy or missiles.

Inhabitants of the Room

Creature Number Encountered
Splinters 3  First visit only  
Green Kralees 4  First visit only  
Dark Splinters 4  On all later visits  

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