War Ritual Grounds

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War Ritual Grounds
War Ritual Grounds.jpg

The War Ritual Grounds

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Sky Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

Meeting Grounds


The War Ritual Grounds is a room in the Sky Temple Grounds. This room is the Dark Counterpart to the Meeting Grounds, and is very similar. The room connects the Base Access to the Shrine Access. One of the Ingworm towers that supports the Sky Temple has a base in this room. There is an alcove in the tower clocked by a gate. The gate can be lowered by hitting five targets visible only with the Dark Visor with the Seeker Missile. There is a Missile Expansion behind the door. Two Hunter Ing will appear near the base of the tower. The layout of the room is almost identical to that of the Meeting Grounds.


Creature Number Encountered
Hunter Ing 2  All visits  

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