Bioenergy Production

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Bioenergy Production
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Samus overlooks the Bioenergy Production.

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Agon Wastes

Connected Rooms

Phazon Site


The Bioenergy Production is a room in the Agon Wastes. The room connects Security Station A, Ventilation Area B, and Storage C, the last is blocked by a Green Blast Shield. The room is taken up by three large power storage racks. They initially start in the lowest position. They can be raised by scanning a terminal on the east side of the room. After being raised, each can be modified to different heights using three stations on the west side. By making them into steps increasing in height, Samus can reach a ledge at the top of the south wall, along with the door to the Bioenergy Production at the top of the north wall. In addition, the top of the west wall there is another ledge with the door to Storage C. This ledge can be accessed using a Spider Ball Track starting on the east side, or using the Screw Attack from one of the high ledges on the northern or southern end of the room. On the first visit, two Pirate Aerotroopers will attack Samus. After acquiring the Dark Beam, five Tallon Metroids can be found here.


Creature Number Encountered
Pirate Aerotroopers 2  First visit only  
Tallon Metroids 5  After acquiring the Dark Beam  

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