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Ing Windchamber

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Ing Windchamber
Windchamber Dark Aether.png

The Ing Windchamber


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


Sky Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

Grand Windchamber


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The Ing Windchamber is a room in the Sky Temple Grounds. This room is the Dark Counterpart to the Grand Windchamber. The room is accessed from a Portal in the Grand Windchamber.

The chamber's sole purpose is for use in completing an interdimensional puzzle that spans over Light and Dark Aether. By utilizing Spinners in the room, Samus can manipulate large rings on the central tower. There are four Spinners scattered throughout the room, and Samus can reach each one using Kinetic Orb Cannons. When the rings on the tower are aligned, Samus can use the Seeker Missiles to activate two Grapple Points in both dimensions. The rings can also be aligned in the opposite direction to raise two more. These can be used in the Grand Windchamber to obtain the Sunburst.

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