Hall of Eyes

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Hall of Eyes
Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

Base Access


Temple Grounds Main Theme

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The Hall of Eyes is a room in the Temple Grounds. The room connects the Meeting Grounds to the Path of Eyes, the latter of which is blocked by a Green Blast Shield. There is a lower area that has the door to the Meeting Grounds. The upper area is accessed by a number steps. The upper area has the door to the Path of Eyes, along with a bridge leading to a Portal to the Base Access. There are a number of War Wasp Hives in the room that will send out War Wasps.


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Available Logbook Entries

Scan Data


Creature Number Encountered
War Wasps  All visits  
Sky Temple Grounds Dark Agon Wastes Dark Torvus Bog Ing Hive Sky Temple
Temple Grounds Agon Wastes Torvus Bog Sanctuary Fortress Great Temple