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Torvus Energy Controller

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Torvus Energy Controller

The Torvus Energy Controller.


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


Torvus Bog

Connected Rooms

Dark Torvus Energy Controller

The Torvus Energy Controller is room on Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

The room is relatively small and houses the regional Energy Controller for Torvus Bog.[1] It contains the corpse presumed to be A-Voq's, who died some 1.2 decacycles before Samus' arrival,[2] the last Sentinel of the Temple before the Ing attacked and stole the Light of Aether from the Luminoth. It also contains a Luminoth Holoprojector that allows Samus to access a holographic message from A-Voq.

When Samus scans the Holoprojector, a hologram of A-Voq appears and explains that the war has crippled the Torvus Temple and flooded key areas into which Samus must venture to assault the Dark Torvus Temple.[3] A-Voq issues a warning about the venomous waters in Dark Torvus Bog just before updating her Translator Module to interpret Emerald holograms.[4] Subsequent scans activate additional holographic messages that contain information regarding the Dark Temple Keys of Torvus,[5] the Seeker Missile,[6] the Gravity Boost,[7] and the Dark Visor.[8]

A nearby Emerald Luminoth Lore Projector contains the Lore "Dark Aether" (GCN) or "The World Warped" (Wii).

After defeating Chykka, Samus reclaims the energy from the Dark Torvus Temple and returns it to the Torvus Temple, where she injects the energy into the Energy Controller. Immediately, the system reacts, improving weather conditions and refracting a ray of light through a lens, focusing the energy into a beam that is directed all the way back to the Main Energy Controller, where U-Mos witnesses its light. A-Voq's hologram appears for the final time to bow in thanks to Samus.

After Samus restores the Light of Aether to the Agon, Torvus, and Sanctuary Temples, she can access Aether's Light-Based Teleportation System and instantly teleport to any of the other Energy Controllers using the Light Suit.


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