Hive Chamber B

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Hive Chamber B
Hive Chamber B mp2 Screenshot.jpg

Dark Samus enters a Portal.

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

Hive Chamber B is a room in the Temple Grounds. The room connects the Hive Storage to Hive Chamber C. The first section of the room is open and has a number of Grenchler carcasses along the sides of the wall. When Samus first enters the room, she sees Dark Samus go through a Portal. At this time, the room is filled with fog, and the Portal blocks the path forward. Samus is forced to enter the Portal. The Portal leads to an unnamed room where Dark Samus is absorbing Phazon while being watched by a number of Warrior Ing. When Samus moves to attack Dark Samus, Dark Samus destroys the Light Crystal powering her safe zone. The Ing proceed to steal most of Samus's equipment, but she escapes back through the Portal. After arriving back in the room, a small hallway is now accessible. This hall is blocked at the end, but there are two Morph Ball tunnels on the side. One is blocked by a cap that can be destroyed with a Morph Ball Bomb, and leads to a Missile Expansion. The other tunnel is blocked by green bulbs vulnerable to any weapon. This tunnel leads to Hive Chamber C.

Inhabitants of the Room

Creature Number Encountered
Dark Samus 1  Minor appearance on the first visit  
Sky Temple Grounds Dark Agon Wastes Dark Torvus Bog Ing Hive Sky Temple
Temple Grounds Agon Wastes Torvus Bog Sanctuary Fortress Great Temple