Temple Assembly Site

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Temple Assembly Site
Temple assembly site.jpg

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

Plain of Dark Worship


The Temple Assembly Site is a room in the Temple Grounds. The room connects the Collapsed Tunnel, Temple Transport B, Storage Cavern B, and the Dynamo Chamber. Samus first enters the room from the Collapsed Tunnel, which is attached to a side tunnel. This side tunnel has a block in a side wall with a purple crystal embedded in it. If it is shot with the Light Beam, it will move to the side revealing a Portal that can be energized with the Dark Beam. This Portal leads to the Plain of Dark Worship. When Samus enters the main part of the room, a cut scene will zoom in on the Great Temple above, and the music will change. The south side of the room has the door to Storage Cavern B blocked by a Missile Shield. The west side of the room is slightly raised, and has the door to Temple Transport B behind a gate that can only be lowered with the violet upgrade to the Translator Module. Samus can jump up to a ledge south of this gate with the Space Jump Boots. This ledge has a Morph Ball tunnel that has a Missile Expansion at the end. A terminal can be found on the raised west area opposite of the gate. Scanning this terminal will activate the GF Combat Crane on the west side of the room, lowering a Heavy Transport Crate. However, the crane will malfunction after partially lowering the crate. Samus must use a charged shot from the Power Beam to break the cable and lower the crate fully. She can then use the crate as a bridge to access an extremely high area on the east end of the room. This high area has the door to the Dynamo Chamber. On the first visit, six Splinters will break free of cocoons on the west side of the room. On the second visit, a cut scene will show a number of Splinters breaking free of cocoons, followed by a Portal opening with Ing coming out. Five of the Splinters will be possessed to become Dark Splinters. One of the Splinters will not be possessed for some reason. If any of the Splinters are killed before being possessed, the Ing that would have possessed them will dissipate. Two War Wasp Hives will appear on later visits, and will infinitely spawn War Wasps until destroyed.

Inhabitants of the Room

Creature Number Encountered
Splinters 6  First visit only  
Splinters 1  Second visit only  
Dark Splinters 5  Second visit only (initially normal Splinters)  
War Wasps  On all later visits  
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