Dark Agon Temple

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Dark Agon Temple
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The Dormant Amorbis in the Temple arena

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Dark Agon Wastes

Connected Rooms

Agon Temple


Dark Suit


Dark Agon Temple is one of the four temples housing the Light of Aether on Dark Aether.


The Temple is a large, circular room, with an arena within. Along the ring lining the outer area there are Blue Doors to the west, south, and north. The Blue Door to the west leads to a Dark Temple Key in the Trial Tunnel. The Blue Door to the south leads to the Dark Agon Temple Access. The Blue Door to the north leads to the Dark Controller Access, but it can only be accessed through the central arena. The arena is flat and sandy, and it houses Amorbis, the guardian of Dark Agon's Energy Controller.

Samus can access the Dark Agon Temple only after collecting the three Dark Agon Keys. After collecting the Keys, Samus gains access to the arena and fights Amorbis. After defeating Amorbis and draining its Energy Controller, three Warrior Ing are found in the temple.

The only item found in the Dark Agon Temple is the Dark Suit, available immediately after the destruction of Amorbis and the Dark Sphere.


Available Logbook Data

Scan Data


Creature Number Encountered
Amorbis 3  During Amorbis Battle  
Warrior Ing 3  Subsequent Visits  



  • The Dark Agon Temple is one of two rooms in Dark Aether, the other being the Undertemple, to have a boss both in itself and its Aetherian counterpart.

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