Command Center (Agon Wastes)

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Command Center
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Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Agon Wastes

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The Command Center is a room in the Agon Wastes. The room connects the Command Center Access, Security Station B, and the Biostorage Access. The room has two levels. The lower level has access to the doors to the Biostorage Access and the Command Center Access, the latter of which is a Purple Hatch. The middle of the room is filled with a number of computer terminals. There are also two holograms of Aether and Dark Aether. The east end of the level has a Portal that can be energized with the Dark Beam. There is also a large gate in the south end of the room in front of the door to the Biostorage Access. The gate can be raised and lowered using a terminal on the upper level. Beneath the lower level is a complex Morph Ball tunnel. This tunnel connects to the Command center Access. The tunnel has a number of wires in it with arcing electricity between them. A path to the south leads to a Missile Expansion, while the north path leads to an area where Samus can exit or enter the tunnel. There is an elevator on this floor that leads up to the second level. The higher level consists of a large walkway. This walkway goes past another door to the Command Center Access, this time a White Hatch. The walkway then leads to a door to Security Station B. Another door comes from Security Station B that opens into a small suspended area. This room has a few terminals, one of which will raise and lower the gate below. When Samus first enters the room via the Morph Ball tunnel, she will see five Pirate Troopers going into the Portal. Once she is out of the Portal, the large gate will close and two pirates will attack Samus. When she goes to the upper level, one more will attack her there, followed by another attacking from the enclosed area. Once all of the Pirates has been eliminated, the doors will be unlocked. Three more troopers will appear on later visits, until obtaining the Dark Beam, at which point two Pirate Grenadiers appear and ambush Samus each time she enters.


Creature Number Encountered
Pirate Commandos 5  First visit only, go into Portal  
Pirate Troopers 4  First visit only  
Pirate Troopers 3  All later visits until obtaining the Dark Beam  
Pirate Grenadiers 2  All visits after the Dark Beam  

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