Shrine Access

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Shrine Access
Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Sky Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

Service Access

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The Shrine Access is a room in the Sky Temple Grounds. This room is the Dark Counterpart to the Service Access, and is very similar. The room connects the War Ritual Grounds, the Gateway Access, and the Defiled Shrine. The War Ritual Grounds are accessed from a Morph Ball tunnel in the north part of the room. The door to the Defiled Shrine is located in a hallway in the southwest, but is blocked by a Green Blast Shield. The main part of the room has four Corrupted Sentreyes on the walls, along with the door to the Gateway Access is the east. It is blocked by by a Multi-Lock Blast Shield. There are also a few deposits of Phazon in the room.


Creature Number Encountered
Corrupted Sentreyes 4  All visits  

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