Sacred Bridge

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Sacred Bridge
Sacred Bridge 01.png

The gate before being lowered

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temple Grounds

Connected Rooms

Phazon Pit


Temple Grounds Main Theme

The Sacred Bridge is a room in the Temple Grounds. The room connects the GFMC Compound to the Sacred Path. When Samus first enters the room from the GFMC Compound, she will be in a small room. There is a gate blocking the way out, which can only be lowered from the other side. Two small Morph Ball tunnels are on each side of the door. One is blocked by the corpse of a Federation Marine, while the other can be used to drop down to the lower area. This lower area has a Kinetic Orb Cannon that is initially deactivated. It can be activated by scanning a terminal far above on a ledge. The cannon will send her up to this ledge. This ledge has the door to the Sacred Path. Samus can also lower that gate from the ledge by using the Seeker Missile along with the Dark Visor to hit invisible targets. Three War Wasps will appear on the first trip through the room.


Available Logbook Entries


Creature Number Encountered
War Wasps 3  First visit only  


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