Biostorage Station

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Biostorage Station
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The Biostorage Station

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Agon Wastes

Connected Rooms

Feeding Pit


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The Biostorage Station is a room in the Agon Wastes. It connects the Biostorage Access, Security Station A, and Storage B, the last of which is blocked by a Purple Hatch.


The lowest level of the room is relatively unremarkable. One end of the level has the door to the Biostorage Access. The center area is filled with a shallow pool of water. There are also two tanks each containing a Tallon Metroid on this level on the first visit. There is an elevator that leads to the second level, which can be activated by scanning a nearby terminal. The second level consists of a number of walkways. One end has the door to Storage B, while the other has the door to Security Station A. Near the door to Security Station A, there is a large tank and a small tank. The small tank contains another Metroid on the first visit only, while the larger tank contains three Metroids feeding on a Space Pirate, which will be present on all visits.

In addition to the Metroid tanks, five Pirate Troopers will appear on the first visit, but two of them will escape on a Shrike-Class Assault Skiff. On all later visits, the Pirates and adult Metroids will be gone. Instead, there will be four Metroid Cocoons, along with a few deposits of Phazon. These cocoons will send out an infinite number of Infant Tallon Metroids. These infants may go to one of the deposits of Phazon and grow rapidly into mature Metroids.


Available Logbook Entries

Scan Data

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Creature Number Encountered
Pirate Troopers 5  First visit only  
Tallon Metroids 6  First visit only  
Infant Tallon Metroids/Tallon Metroids  All later visits  

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