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Ing Hive

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


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The Ing Hive is the heart of the Ing's presence on Dark Aether and has never fallen in battle to the Luminoth. It is the location of one of Dark Aether's Energy Controllers, guarded by Quadraxis. It is the only location on Dark Aether where Ing Larva Swarms can be found and is the home to a large variety of Ing. A small number of Darkling mechanoids, such as the Dark Ingsmasher, patrol this area. It is also the location of two Sky Temple Keys.

See Also

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Colmena de los Oscuros  Hive of the Darks  
French Ruche Ing  Ing Hive  
German Nest der Ing  Ing Nest  
Italian Nido Ing  Ing Nest  

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