Temple Sanctuary

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Temple Sanctuary
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Samus in the Temple Sanctuary

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Great Temple

Connected Rooms



Energy Transfer Module

This article is about the room in the Great Temple. For the similarly named temple of Sanctuary Fortress, see Sanctuary Temple.

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The Temple Sanctuary is the location where the Luminoth are kept in stasis in the Great Temple, and the crossroads to different areas of the Temple Grounds.


When Samus first enters the Temple Sanctuary, shields will rise, trapping Samus. She is then attacked by a swarm of Dark Splinters. After she defeats those, the Alpha Splinter will drop from above. After a certain point, the Alpha Splinter will be possessed by the Ing to become the Dark Alpha Splinter. Once the Dark Alpha Splinter has been destroyed, Samus will obtain the Energy Transfer Module. Once all the enemies are cleared, no other creatures inhabit the room. A number of stasis cocoons can be seen just beyond the walls. Each contains a Luminoth. Going clockwise around the room starting at the north, the doors lead to the Transport A Access, the Transport B Access, the Controller Access, and the Transport C Access. The Transport Accesses are blocked by gates that can only be lowered with specific upgrades to the Translator Module. If Samus restores energy to an Energy Controller and then attempts to travel through the Great Temple without talking to U-Mos, the doors will be blocked by a psychic barrier.


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Creature Number Encountered
Dark Splinters 4  First visit only  
Alpha Splinter/Dark Alpha Splinter 1  One-time boss battle  

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