Path of Roots

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Path of Roots
Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Connected Rooms

Torvus Bog Main Theme

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The Part of Roots is a room in Torvus Bog. Most of the room is underwater.

The Path connects the Torvus Lagoon, by a Purple Hatch, to the Great Bridge, by a Blue Door.

The room is first entered underwater from the Lagoon. The room is open except for a cylindrical structure in the center. To get around this, Samus must use the Morph Ball to roll underneath. On the other side, there are a series of platforms leading above water. The door to the Great Bridge is at this above-water area.

If Samus returns with the Grapple Beam, she can use a Grapple Point to go across the water from the west side of the room to the top of the cylinder, where a Missile Expansion can be found. An entry of Luminoth Lore can be found on the wall in a hologram.

The underwater portion is inhabited by a swarm of Hydlings. On the platform where the Missile Expansion is found are a group of four Shriekbats, which take up residence after Samus defeats the Boost Guardian.


Creature Number Encountered
Hydlings 1 swarm  All visits  
Shriekbats 4  After defeating the Boost Guardian  

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