Torvus Lagoon

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Torvus Lagoon

Samus enters the Torvus Lagoon

Game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
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Poisoned Bog


Torvus Bog Main Theme


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The Torvus Lagoon is a room in Torvus Bog. The room has both an above-water portion and an underwater portion.

The Lagoon connects the Temple Transport Access, the Portal Chamber, both by Blue Doors, Save Station A, by a Red Blast Shield, the Ruined Alcove, by a White Hatch, and the Path of Roots, by a Purple Hatch.

The portion above water consists of a shore of land, a side platform, and a bridge. The shore has a few Torvus Bearerpods, along with the body and final testament of S-Dly. The shore has the door to the Temple Transport Access. The side platform has the door to Save Station A. The bridge is on the opposite end of the room and has a section that can be extended and retracted, and is set by default to be retracted. The bridge connects the Portal Chamber to the Ruined Alcove. A Scan Terminal can be found near the door to the Portal Chamber, which will raise the bridge.

The underwater portion twists about through paths of roots and other plant life. The door to the Path of roots is located within this underwater passage. There is also a Missile Expansion located on a high ledge underwater, which can only be obtained with the Gravity Boost.

When Samus first enters the room, three Shredders sit on the surface of the water. There is also a swarm of Hydlings beneath the surface. After obtaining the Boost Ball, the Shredders and Hydlings will be replaced by two Grenchlers.


Creature Number Encountered
Shredders 3  Earlier visits  
Hydlings 1 swarm  Earlier visits  
Grenchlers 2  After obtaining the Boost Ball  

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