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Dark Torvus Arena

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Dark Torvus Arena

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


Dark Torvus Bog

Connected Rooms

Dark Arena Tunnel


Torvus Plaza

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The Dark Torvus Arena is the location in Dark Torvus Bog where Samus battles the Boost Guardian. While it is one room, it is separated into two smaller sections connected by a short tunnel that Samus travel through with the Morph Ball.

The first section is inhabited by a trio of Dark Preed, while the end section houses the Boost Guardian along with several Inglets. Once Samus recovers the Boost Ball from the Boost Guardian, she can claim the Dark Torvus Temple Key in the room.

There is a body of a fallen Luminoth near the entrance to the room. It had apparently died after a failed attempt at Ing possession.

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