Ice Parasite

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Ice Parasite
Ice Parasite- MP.png

A scan of an Ice Parasite


Metroid Prime

Main Species Parasite
Damages by


Threat Capacity

Damaging, Non-Hostile

Located in

Phendrana Drifts

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Ice Parasites are a species of Parasite adapted to the frigid climate of Phendrana Drifts in Metroid Prime.


Like other members of the Parasite family, Ice Parasites are scavengers. While they have a similar structure to other Parasites, their crystallizine carapace gives them a distinctive white color.

These creatures travel along a short path upon whatever structures or surfaces they are dwelling. While not hostile, anything they come in contact with while circling their route may be damaged.



  1. "Scavenger with a crystalline outer shell. Parasites are hardy creatures, able to adapt to any environment within three generations. The Ice Parasite is a prime example. Having adjusted to a frigid climate, this vermin now thrives in it. Omnivorous, it can exist in areas hostile to most life-forms." — Logbook "Ice Parasite" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイスパラサイト  Ice Parasite  

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