Plated Parasite

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Plated Parasite
Plated Parasite (Frigate Orpheon).png

A Plated Parasite found on the Frigate Orpheon


Metroid Prime

Main Species Parasite
Damages by


Threat Capacity

Non-hostile, damaging

Natural Habitat

A Plated Parasite is an armored branch of the Parasite family. They prefer to travel on magnetic surfaces, though the reasons for this are unknown. They are hardy creatures able to resist all attacks save concussive Morph Ball weapons, and can even survive in dangerously hot climates such as Magmoor Caverns.


A hardy member of the parasite family, the Plated Parasite is extremely resilient and invulnerable to most forms of weaponry. Though they are not hostile, contact with Plated Parasites will damage any object in their path and briefly disrupt their connection to magnetically charged surfaces, causing them to fall.

Their sturdy armor appears able to protect them from both a variety of beam and concussive weapons and intense temperatures. The reason for their weakness to Morph Ball Bombs and Power Bombs is unknown.



  1. "Hardy member of the Parasite family. Invulnerable to most weaponry. A cousin to the Parasite, these creatures are known for their amazing resilience. Field studies suggest a weakness to Morph Ball-delivered weapon systems." — Logbook "Plated Parasite" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メタルパラサイト  Metal Parasite  

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