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Artwork of a Lumigek

A translucent gecko-like species, the Lumigek


Metroid Prime

Damages by


Threat Capacity

Nonhostile, damaging

Natural Habitat

Impact Crater

Lumigeks are large, Phazon-charged reptiles found in the Impact Crater of Tallon IV. Lumigeks travel in swarms for a higher chance of survival, a trait shared by other creatures such as Ing Larvae. Though not aggressive, anything in the path of a swarm can be harmed by the Phazon energy Lumigeks emit.



  1. "Phazon-​charged reptiles. ​Natives of Tallon IV,​ the Lumigeks travel in swarms to increase their odds of survival.​ They absorb and radiate Phazon energy,​ making these swarms a threat." — Logbook "Lumigek" (Metroid Prime)

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