Ice Shriekbat

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Ice Shriekbat
An Ice Shriekbat

An Ice Shriekbat


Metroid Prime

Main Species Shriekbat
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Natural Habitat

Phendrana Drifts

Ice Shriekbats are a varient of Shriekbat found in Phendrana Drifts. They are behaviorally identical to normal Shriekbats, but are slightly different in appearance. Ice Shriekbats are slightly larger around their base and their appendages are larger. Their coloration is blue and yellow rather than black and brown.

Although Ice Shriekbats reside in a cold environment, it seems that like their Shriekbat cousins they still have high internal temperatures.




  1. "Morphology: Ice Shriekbat Ice-encased ceiling-dweller. Like standard Shriekbats, these creatures are easily spotted with Thermal Imaging. They roost on cave ceilings, subsisting on insects, reptiles and small mammals. Fiercely territorial, they will dive-bomb anything that wanders near." — Logbook "Ice Shriekbat" (Metroid Prime)

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